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elegant-trogon-Steve Wolfe

From The Prestigious “Birdwatching”Magazine

Steve Wolfe of Portal, Arizona, won second place inBirdWatching’s 2020 Bird Portrait Contest with this impeccable photo of a male Elegant Trogon.

Wes Pitts, the editor ofOutdoor Photographerand one of our judges, points out the artistic quality of the image.

“There are several qualities of this photograph that make it successful,” he says. “First is the dappled light and its dramatic highlights and shadows. The sense of depth created by the light and the shallow depth of field invites you to notice other details of the image, like the repetitions of colors: the orange in the eye of the trogon echoed in the background foliage, and the green hues of the lichen on the branch and the bird’s feathers. The strong composition, with sharp details in the foreground and a soft, blurred background, make this image feel cohesive and painterly.”

The photo was one of more than 700 that photographers entered in our contest."

Howard Topoff 2011