Portal Rescue-Agenda - Minutes

Board Meeting – September 21, 2021

Attending by Internet or phone: Cary Booth, Victor Shawe, Alice Wakefield, Dinah Davidson, Jackie Lewis (call dropped early), David Newton, Carolyn Nordstrom; Radio Operator Bonnie Bowen; CCHCI personnel Morganne McKinney (Mobile Program Manager) and Dr. Darlene Melk (Chief Medical Officer).

  1. Call to Order

Cary called the meeting to order at 6:02 pm.

  1. Agenda

    1. Bonnie Bowen requested discussion of a new phone book as part of New Business.
    2. Jackie requested consideration of the fall donation drive and the Chief’s Meeting under For the Good of the Order.
    3. Cary moved that these items be added and that the agenda be approved. Jackie seconded his motion, and the vote was unanimously in favor.

  1. Approval of Minutes

Cary moved that July minutes be approved, Carolyn seconded his motion, and the vote in favor was unanimous.

  1. Reports

    1. Fire Chief (David Newton)

      1. Operations – none
      2. Training

        1. Training was well attended last Saturday
        2. One Firefighter attended State Fire School in Mesa
      3. Vehicles

        1. David has removed decals from Red Brush 6 prior to vehicle sale.
        2. He is still working on a back-up camera for Rescue 4.
      4. Grants – nothing to report

    1. EMS (Jackie Lewis)

      1. Calls – EMTs have responded to six calls since our last meeting.
      2. Five EMTs attended a zoom training session led by Dr. Vogelsang and Nena Duenas.
      3. ET and Jackie completed their CPR recertification.
      4. After incorporation of most suggested changes to the brochure, copies were printed and are now in Jackie’s possession.
      5. PR has received a check for $150 as thanks for responding to a snake bite call.

    1. Treasurer (Alice Wakefield)

      1. Assets

Washington Federal: the total value of our Washington Federal account (Rainy Day Fund) is $33,958.75, including $315.11 YTD interest.

      1. Edward Jones (all accounts)

The total value of our EJ accounts is $147,356.00, including $264.59 in YTD interest. Components of this total are: Money Market ($72,788.66) and three CDs (including Muma CD) of 2- or 3-year maturity dates (totaling $74,517.34). Two CDs matured in August ($28,000 & $2,000, plus interest of $28 & $2.99 respectively).

      1. Portal Rescue assets total $181,654.71, including $255 in petty cash, $64.38 in stamps (but not including $174 in stamps for the fundraising drive), and all investments.
      2. Revenues and expenses

YTD revenues total $47,931.21, and YTD expenses have come in at $26,495.28.

      1. Alice raised the question of whether we should purchase new CDs, and Jackie suggested purchasing two $15K CDs or one $30K CD. However, Alice noted that we might have previously unanticipated expenses and need cash for equipping and servicing the new Rescue 3. A bill for over $700 just came in from Shultis Automotive.

    1. Vice-President (Victor Shawe) – nothing to report

    1. Member at Large (Carolyn Nordstrom) – nothing to report

    1. President (Cary Booth)

Cary should hear back from our lawyer by September 22 about the MOU with Chiricahua Community Health Centers, Inc. (CCHCI), and he will forward any requests for changes to their personnel.

  1. Continuing Business

    1. Classroom policy

Cary proposed that the current classroom policy be continued, Dinah seconded his motion, and the vote in favor was unanimous. The classroom will be available only for blood drives (well monitored) and usage by PR personnel for training, operations, etc.

    1. CCHCI

      1. Morganne asked whether the Board had any further trepidations. There being none, the Board asked for the next steps to be outlined. Dr. Melk also spoke.
      2. Once the MOU has been signed by both parties, we should identify a consistent weekday and time for presence of their mobile unit. Monday or Tuesday would be good, depending on the Walker Clinic schedule. As long as CCHCI has staff, they should be able to be flexible, starting on Tuesday and moving to Monday as the Walker Clinic schedule changes. They are not worried about temporal overlap, because clienteles of the two organizations will likely differ. They can also make adjustments for holidays and Soup’s On (usually President’s Day and the two following days).
      3. Once the agreement has been executed, it will take an estimated 4-6 weeks for the mobile clinic to be up and running. CCHCI is in the process of acquiring and training a new Nurse Practitioner (expected availability in November), but they could potentially start earlier with a current NP.
      4. In response to a board member’s question about results of their community survey/needs assessment, Morganne noted that it was useful to evaluate the type of care most needed. CCHCI will broaden the survey to include residents of Apache.
      5. Cary has Morganne’s cell number and will stay in touch with her.
    2. Brochures

Jackie picked up the brochures which cost $140 for printing and $67 for design and layout. Many thanks to Dwight Metzger for donating printing. Jackie believes she and Morgan Jackson can fold and stuff envelopes in just two days.

    1. Soup’s On – no updates
    2. Change of Accountant

Alice is investigating whether she should try to handle tax preparation herself with online software for non-profits, or whether we should look further into using someone employed by the Friends or Malpai groups. Discussion - tabled until a future meeting - should focus on risk shift; it may be worthwhile to pay an accountant an estimated $200 to assume risks.

  1. New business

    1. Barney Tomberlin’s passing

Cary read the bio that Jackie prepared for Barney’s addition to the Wall of Fame and then moved that Barney’ name be added. Dinah seconded his motion, and the vote in favor was unanimous (with Jackie missing due to a dropped call on her route home).

    1. Acquisition of a new power cot for Rescue 3

Jackie supports this acquisition once we have the new vehicle in our garage, so that we can assess needs precisely. There was no further discussion at this time.

    1. Updates to the website

      1. Two years ago, Bonnie Bowen suggested some revisions to our website (www.PortalRescue.com ), but we have yet to respond to her suggestions.
      2. Alice mentioned that the evacuation plan detailed there does not match the emergency information outlined by the State. It predated our local Firewise efforts. We could perhaps just provide links to pertinent State websites.
      3. Also, much of the website information is duplicated at www.portalrodeo.com . We need to commit to regular updates to our site and to Howard’s site (for anything other than already regularly updated minutes). Alice volunteered to work on updates with the person maintaining our website. Cary will hunt for Bonnie’s emails and summarize tonight’s suggestions as well.
      4. Jackie noted that Tim Lawson is our FaceBook moderator and has added Jackie as a co-moderator. She can post to Facebook if people have information they want shared.
    2. Phone book

      1. Bonnie is making gradual progress on the phone book. The new book will cost PR in the short term (e.g., printing ~$1400 last time, though perhaps donated this time) but should be profitable in the long term (ad revenue = ~$3700, and sale profits ~$6,000 last time).
      2. Bonnie has received about 50 answers to her emailed request for responses from community members wanting their numbers to be listed (or not). Jackie acquired a CenturyLink book with landline numbers for new residents. Some people want their cell numbers added. Some folks are not around to respond but may want to be included.
  1. Schedule for November meeting

Cary suggested November 16 at 6:00 pm and will ask Jackie if that works for her.

XI For the Good of the Order

    1. Bees at Library

Alice requested that Dinah relay information on a local bee expert who might help with danger from bees in a tree near the library.

    1. Blood Drive

The next blood drive will be held on Friday, November 5.

    1. Chief’s meeting

The November Chiefs’ meeting, at which PR usually hosts a Thanksgiving dinner, has been canceled due to Covid precautions.

    1. Donation drive

Jackie and Morgan Jackson are putting together a letter and hope to have it mailed by Oct 1.

  1. Adjournment

At 7:08 pm, Cary moved to adjourn, Alice seconded his motion, and all were in agreement.

Appendix A - Barney Tomberlin – Contributions to Portal Rescue

Barney Tomberlin moved to Portal in 1986 from California where he was both a Firefighter and EMT. When he joined Portal Rescue in 1988 (or 1989, formal records are limited), he was an EMT, and two years later, he became a Wildland Firefighter. He drove the first old white fire truck that was parked in Ted Troller’s barn, including to July 4th parades. Barney served as Fire Chief for several years. He was able to acquire an engine donated from a California fire department. His old fire department in CA gave Portal Rescue all of the early hoses, turnout gear and lots of good equipment. Portal Rescue is grateful for Barney’s many contributions.

Howard Topoff 2011