Special Announcements


Olympic Gold For Rolf Koford & John Yerger

The Portal version of the Special Olympics requires firefighter candidates to walk three miles in less than 45 minutes, wearing a vest loaded with 45 pounds of weights. On Saturday, April 16, Rolf and John completed the course in 41 minutes, 5 seconds, which was record time for Portal candidates. Congratulations to Rolf and John. In less than 24 hours after their remarkable performance, General Mills has announced that the photo below will soon be on every box of Wheaties in the supermarket.


Results From Soup Kitchen - 2017

Raffle & Sales = $2858

Food Sales = $3157

Donations = $1275.50

Total = $7290.50

Food Sales by day:

Monday = $1202

Tuesday = $942

Wednesday = $1013


Rodeo Tavern Open For Dinner Thursday Nights

Due to the large demand for food on Thursday nightsthe rodeo tavern and grill kitchen will open on Thursday nights.

When the demand for food is gone so will the Thursday night kitchen.

Wednesdays will stay the same. Bar only. If Tanya is bartending onWednesday nights she will turn on the deep fryer and make something.

We try to never turn people away.

Starting this Thursday March 2, 2017 the kitchen will be open 4:00- 8:00 p.m.for food.

Thank you for your continued support

Rob and Debbie


Howard Topoff 2011