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May 27



May 27

As a part of the FOCC Garden Party, the library is sponsoring kids activities on Saturday, May 27

Kids in the Park


Kids activities at the Cave Creek Visitor Information Center

in the Coronado National Forest


Saturday, May 27

9am-1pm AZ time

Come whenever and stay as long as you like!


Planting flowers   *   Scavenger hunt   *    Photo challenge   *    Food   *   Local exhibits and experts


We’ll supply all the materials!


May 27 & 28


June 3

June chill 2017 flyer


June 3


June 6

U.S. Drought Monitor

A short workshop to introduce the methods and data used to construct the drought maps from the U.S. Drought Monitor. You will also learn how the information from the Drought Monitor map is used to inform the Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program (NAP). Volunteer precipitation and drought impact reporting from “CoCoRaHs” are two types of data that are used in the Drought Monitor. CoCoRaHs stands for Community Collaborative Rain Hail and Snow Network. It is a unique, non-profit, community-based network of volunteers of all ages and backgrounds working together to measure precipitation. As a rancher or farmer, participating in CoCoRaHs helps you to maintain your own precipitation records, and also provide important information to the Drought Monitor. Contact:   Betty Rendon (Betty.Rendon@nm.usda.gov )    For New Mexico State University: Caiti Steele (Caiti@nmsu.edu); Dave Dubois (dwdubois@nmsu.edu



July 4

To:      Rodeo/Portal Community

From:  Alicia Davidson and Aimee Essary

Re:      4th of July Activities, 2017

Many of us cannot imagine not having 4th of July Parade, Dinner, Dance, and Fireworks!

The neighbors who have organized all this in the past have “burned out” and understandably so!

It is up to others to take it up.  It may mean a few changes and some “new traditions”. 

We would like for little help from a lot of people to simplify everything. 

Many ideas are needed to make it fun.  Aimee and Alicia are just trying to get the ball rolling.

Suggestions made so far:

1.      A simplified dinner to be taken over by the Rodeo 4H Club grilling hamburgers, hot dogs, , cookies, drinks, pies.  Proceeds from the dinner go to the Rodeo 4H Club.

2.      It may be held in the Rodeo Community Center and the Rodeo Grill/Tavern to avoid long lines.

3.      The Cake Auction could remain for scholarships if someone would volunteer to take that over.

4.      Dance is up in the air.

5.      We can have Fireworks by one of our locals with Lance and the fire truck at hand.

6.      Parade- possible theme:  “Kids & their animals”, “Rodeo/Portal Life for all Ages”, “Bugs, Birds, Butterflies, Bovines, and Horses” or other ideas.

PARADE:  Encourage many more entries such as:

Some businesses could partner together to do a float or other type of entry

Schools could enter

Our 12 B&Bs could combine to show off lodging ambiances in our area

Various charities could combine

The churches could do something together

More horsemen & women


Donate food items for dinner such as: 

hamburger  meat

hot dogs or brats





Paper plates, cups, silverware

Help cook & serve at buffet

Help clean up after dinner

Solicit cakes & Run the Cake Auction

Donate Fireworks or money to buy them (check w. Aimee for type of fireworks, please)

Help publicize and recruit parade entries

Please think about what you are able to contribute and let either Aimee or Alicia know so we may proceed on organizing our celebration.  We know we can count on you….THANKS!!!

Aimee Essary:     (575) 557-2202       aimeerivers2@hotmail.com          

Alicia Davidson:   (520) 558-1088       info@ddgambleguestlodge.com


July 26- 29





To celebrate their beauty, importance, and conservation, Chiricahua Desert Museum & Geronimo Event Center is planning and hosting the first Biology of Snakes Conference (BoS). Previous professional meetings on snakes that we have organized placed emphasis on certain lineages, predominately the vipers, boas, and pythons (Biology of the Pitvipers, Biology of the Vipers, Biology of the Boas and Pythons), but for BoS we are throwing out the broadest net possible and intend to explore and discuss the entire group. Indeed, this is an exciting and ambitious agenda. We welcome everyone who is interested in snakes!


The schedule begins with our invited speakers. These three luminaries have made tremendous contributions to our knowledge of snakes; we are privileged to have them attend and present.     


●  Dr. Wolfgang Wüster will deliver the Keynote. His talk is titled, "Natural History and Genetic Basis of Venom Evolution." Those of you who have seen Wolfgang speak know that he will give us a very lively and exciting presentation.  


●  Dr. Frank Burbrink is our featured speaker. His recent work on snakes has taken him far from his office in New York. Frank will be discussing, "The Origin and Diversification of Snakes in Madagascar."  


● Dr. Mark O'Shea is our banquet speaker. Most of us know that Mark is always on the move, but somehow we were able to lure him to this meeting. He will engage and entertain us with an intriguing title, "Amphibian and Reptile Art in Miniature: Adventures in Herpeto-Philately."


We will be honoring three world-class artists who have made snakes and other reptiles prime subjects of their art (see their profiles and art at the BoS website). At the conference, these individuals will discuss their remarkable careers. In some form or another, their art will be showcased and available for sale. Also, you may contact them ahead of the meeting if you would like to have them to deliver a particular piece of art you want to acquire.     


●  Tell Hicks                              tellhicks@gmail.com

●  Carel Brest van Kempen       cpbvk@juno.com 

●  William B. Montgomery       wbmont@gmail.com


September 8-10

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